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Multi-Link Resilient IOT

Always-on Mission

Critical applications

H-A Thin Client
IOT Gateway
Multi-Link Resilient IOT.jpg
Always-On Smart Bonding
Multi-Link Resilient IOT
• Hybrid Access thin-client can easily fit IOT devices
• Mission Critical applications can greatly benefit from network resilience
• Mission Critical applications can enjoy more bandwidth
• IOT Gateways can bond two or more links (LTE, DSL, SATCOM, etc..)
• Drones can roam across several LTE/5G or WiFi sources

Mission Critical IOT Benefits

• Always-On resilience

• App/Link-Aware QoS

• More bandwidth

• Seamless remote access

• Link cost optimization

Critical Infrastructure and IOT - Benefits

• Makes mission critical IOT applications possible/feasible/affordable

• Fast TTM – easy to upgrade to Always-On service level where needed

CSP - Benefits

• Sell more links to more critical infrastructure and IOT customers

• Substitute “private networks” trend with resilient multi-link proposition

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