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Same Thin Client and same Cloud Software supports multiple solutions

All uses-cases

SD-WAN, fixed-mobile speed acceleration, broadband resilience

All customers

Business and residential

WIFI               USB            Ethernet

Smart Bonding 


Thin Client bonds all links into Cloud aggregation point using Singular Public IP

Thin Client and cloud software.png

Overlay Tunneling Technology


L3 packets and L2 VLAN and QoS encapsulated into UDP encrypted

virtual pipe for all traffic types (TCP, UDP, QUIC, IPSEC, GRE, etc.)

L3 packets and L2 VLAN and QoS.png

Each CPE agent has single public IP

Pinging this IP from internet, reaches the CPE

Traffic Steering Options.png

Traffic Steering Options

Additional Features:
• Application aware steering (QoS)
• Encrypted aggregation tunnels
Telco / Public Cloud​

Thin Client

Agent retrofits to existing gateway

Agent retrofits to existing gateway.png
Hybrid Icon.png
Hybrid - Access Thin Client

Cloud-Native Scaling and Cloud-Agnostic

Cloud-Native Scaling and Cloud-Agnostic.
Customer CPEs
Hybrid Icon.png
Hybrid Icon.png
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