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Hybrid Access Technologies is a leading provider of multi-link connectivity solutions that brings together multiple types of network connections and blends them into an efficient and more powerful virtual pipe. The unique thin-client CPE-agnostic technology and Cloud-Agnostic and auto-scaling back-end is optimally architected for mass-market and short TTM applications (retrofitting existing install-base) for Residential, SMB, Smartphones and IoT applications.


CSPs are in a constant race to invest and expand both their Fixed and their Wireless connectivity capacities and reach simultaneously and in a constant competition to provide better services to the mass-market. Hybrid Access uniquely enables them to provide more bandwidth, always-on connectivity and application-aware and link-aware optimal steering while optimally leveraging all their existing assets and with very short TTM.

The company was founded in 2003 by CEO, Paul Evans, and has a wide range of customers including Vodafone, BT, KCOM, Liberty Global and Hughes Networks. Our experienced Management Team and Board of Directors have decades of experience in telecoms, broadband and marketing.


The company’s Hybrid Thin-Client is installed on over 5M installed devices and has been successfully ported to a wide range of CPEs form a wide range of CPE manufacturers and chipset SOCs therein.


Many Sites might benefit from Multiple Access Links

  • Site Types – residential, enterprise, IOT

  • Link types - broadband, Leased lines, 4G/5G, SATCOM, FWA, FTTP

  • Different regional availability, prices and performance

SD-WAN Thin Client Technology makes this possible

  • Affordably

  • Simply

  • Ubiquitously

Realizing the value requires gateways to enable

  • SD-WAN

  • Link bonding and aggregation

  •  App/Link aware priority steering

  • Inter-site traffic encryption

Potential value of multiple links

  •  SD-WAN

  •  More peak bandwidth

  • (UL and DL)

  •  Always-On availability

  • Reduced cost of average Mbps

  • Best match of applications to link characteristics

Board of Directors 

Board of Directors 



Coming Soon



Coming Soon

Hybrid Access Technologies Limited offers a range of connectivity products that help improve the experience consumers, businesses and Internet connected devices receive, by better managing the access networks available.

General Enquiries:

+44 1473 372 141


40 Princes Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom, IP1 1RJ

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