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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


Communication Service Provider

Main Benefits to CSPs

• Millions of existing business and residential CPEs can be remotely enabled for free practically overnight

• Shortly thereafter, millions can be activated/upgraded with new services

• More revenues, improved services and reduced customer care costs

• Ubiquity, simplicity and unbeatable low costs increase the total available Market for new multi-link related services

• Maximizes the returns from existing broadband, 4G/5G and CPE assets while FTTP and 5G deployments progress


Valuable solutions for residential and SMB mass-market


Affordable – very low monthly usage fees – only when activated

Same Devices — existing CPEs can be enabled for free with short TTM

Simple – don’t need a sophisticated IT team to enjoy the benefits

Increases total available
market significantly

Premium SD-WAN with dedicated CPE solutions

Hybrid-Access massively underserved market

hybrid access table.jpg

Maximizing Fixed-Line Returns on Existing Assets

Telco / Public Cloud

Your Existing Assets

Your existing assets

• Devices – residential and business

• Fixed-Line connections – wholesale and direct contract

• LTE/5G infrastructure

• Smartphone subscribers

Your ongoing investment race


• 5G

How do you maximize the return on your existing assets while the investment race goes on?

• Reduce churn

• Gain new direct contracts

• Increase multi-play bundle sales

• Reduce customer care costs

Retrofit your devices with Hybrid Access and start upselling better services on your existing infrastructure

• FTTP-like speeds today – by plugging a USB 4G/5G modem into existing devices

• Always-On service levels – by installing apps on smartphones

• SD-WAN for SMB – turn on app/link-aware QoS and secure WAN features

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