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Broadband Resilience Using Smartphones

Always-On Service
residential & business

Always - On Smart Bonding



Using Smartphones when necessary

• Service stays up even when Broadband is unstable

The service is “ALWAYS-ON” without fail .. No hiccups, no downtime

Significantly reduces customer care costs

Significantly reduces compelling events for churn

Smartphone average monthly usage is less than 1 G-Byte (limited to instability episodes)

Smartphone consumption per this service can be ‘zero-rated’


see  for more

Business Benefits

• Always-On Resilience

• 4G/5G used only when needed

Ultra low costs

• Work from home 

• Seamless remote access

CSP Benefits


• Eliminates the need for 4G/5G USB dongles or the registration of new SIM cards

• Increases bundling options with Smartphone subscriptions, but smartphone usage can be zero rated per this service

• Auto-selects the smartphone with best connectivity

• Might be new app or extension to existing CSP app

• Customer care cost reduction

• Reduces churn, increases brand loyalty

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